The Mare Family of England and Missouri

Jack Mare 6

John Buckingham Mare, 1886-1967

John Buckingham Mare is not one of my ancestors. He was Uncle Jack to me and my family. He stands out in my memories because he and his wife, Mollie Brent Mare, my grandmother’s sister, were like another set of grandparents.

 Jack and Mollie had no children, so my mother and her sister were like their grandchildren. We stayed with them whenever we went to Pensacola. They came out to visit in California. They were always lots of fun. There were drinks before dinner – the main meal was always in the middle of the day – and drinks in the late afternoon, lots of visiting, lots of canasta, and lots of laughing. Aunt Mollie’s favorite color was purple and her favorite song was Elvis singing Love Me Tender. She died first, in 1964, and after he died in 1967 I inherited some of their household items – purple sheets, purple towels, purple blankets, and miscellaneous kitchen utensils – as I outfitted my first apartment during my college years.

I don’t usually spend a lot of time tracing the families of those who married into my ancestors’ families, but handed down with other items were several photos of Uncle Jack’s family. I decided to look up his family to see if I could find any living descendants, but, as yet, have found none. So I decided to share these photos in the hopes that some Mare descendant will come across my blog.

Jack Mare grandmother 2

Thomazin Buckingham Mare

Uncle Jack’s grandfather was Roger Mare, of Morchard Bishop, Devonshire, England. He was born there about 1801 and died in 1857 in Devonshire, most likely in Morchard Bishop. His wife was Thomazin Buckingham – so now I know where Uncle Jack’s middle name came from – and she was born about 1803 in the nearbly town of Chulmleigh, Devonshire. They married in Morchard Bishop on 20 April 1824, producing eight children, the youngest being William Henry Mare, born in 1844.

About twenty-five years later, William Henry emigrated to the United States where he met and married Jemima Scott on 29 May 1872 in St. Louis, Missouri. They had ten children, six of whom were still alive in 1900. John Buckingham, their sixth child, was born in 1886. I have not been able to find out where and when they died, nor where they were buried.


William Henry Mare, b.1844, Morchard Bishop, Devonshire, England – Uncle Jack’s father, born in England, later emigrating to the United States

Jack Mare mother 2



Jemima C. Scott, Uncle Jack’s mother, born November 1852 in Scotland. Her mother’s name was Margaret and Jemima’s daughter was named Margaret





Jack Mare father prob cropped




No name on the back of this photograph, but it is probably William H. Mare






William H. Mare and five of his sons. There were seven sons. One died young, Stewart Scott Mare. This photo was probably taken about the mid to late 1890s and the oldest son, William H. Mare, born 1873, was married with one son by 1895 and probably not living at home. So the oldest son in the photo, behind his father, would be James Scott Mare, born 1880; on his right, Robert Richmond Mare, born 1883, on the right, John Buckingham Mare, born 1886; front right, is Scott C. Mare, born 1889, and on the left, with the “bow tie,” is Stewart C. Mare, born 1893.

Jack Mare parentsUndated photo of William H. and Jemima Mare in their later years.

Left: John Buckingham Mare as a young boy. Right:John Buckingham,  left, and one of his younger brothers.

For more information on Jack B. Mare and Mollie Brent see

For more information on the descendants of Roger and Thomazin Mare see their descent report.

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